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Discover the Musical Cities of the United States

Take a musical journey through the United States of America on this incredible holiday of a lifetime! We have a series of epic adventures each with something different to offer. How about discovering Chicago, home of the Blues? Or exploring Memphis, the birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll and of course home to Elvis Presley's most famous residence, Graceland. Finally we will take you to New Orleans - 'The Big Easy' is the home of jazz and so much more!

To crown off your wonderful tour through the musical cities of America, you'll step aboard a spectacular cruise ship and continue your adventure!

New Orleans - The Big Easy

New Orleans is the city that has it all, incredible food, soulful jazz and a fantastic nightlife. Bourbon Street acts as the heart of 'The Big Easy' with live music played daily, whether it's on the street itself or coming from the bars which decorate the Spanish Creole architectural street. Balconies overhang the side walk where the party-goers will throw the famous New Orleans Beads onto the onlookers below. Soak up the jazz music and dance to your heart's content. This is a street which most certainly doesn't sleep!

It's also the city that serves up some of the best food in the US, home to the world famous Cafe Du Monde beignets and the hearty jambalaya. It's impossible to stop yourself when it comes to food this good! When you've had your fill of excitement, why not try a 'gator tour along the famous New Orleans swamps, home to egrets, alligators and the untouched wilderness. 

Memphis - Home of the King

Music lovers flock to Memphis to immerse themselves in deep soulful blues and hard hitting rock and roll. The King's legacy still remains, with Graceland being a focal point in Memphis' musical heritage. Admire the sheer greatness of the Jungle Room or stand in awe at the hundreds of rock and roll records that adorn his walls. Graceland is an experience not to be missed.

If you're more of a dancing and jiving kind of person, then head to Beale Street, the beacon for everything Tennessee! Get some classic deep south cooking in one of it's many restaurants or treat yourself to some live music which bellows out from the numerous bars into the bouncing street. Music history fanatics will love Sun Studio, the much renowned 'Birthplace of Rock'n'Roll' which once was home to such artists as Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis, himself. You can spend all of your time in Memphis doing nothing or everything, and having the time of your life. Don't miss this destination of a lifetime!

Chicago - The Windy City

Chicago is famous for the Blues, hailing from Mississippi in the early twentieth century, Chicago really made the Blues it's own, which singers such as Willie Dixon and Muddy Waters really pushing Chicago into the lime light. The blues heritage still remains with numerous venues throughout the city playing nightly music which the famous names would be proud of.

It's also a city which boasts some incredible architecture, from the glass-bottomed Willis Tower or the famous Bean in Millennium Park. Every street has something unique, making it a very interesting city to wander. You may even stumble upon Wrigley Field, home to the Chicago Cubs, this amazing baseball park is tucked away amongst rows of houses and just around the corner from some of the best pizza in the world. You haven't had a pizza until you've had a Chicago Deep Dish, this pizza will have you dreaming about it for days to come!


Nicknamed "Music City USA", Nashville is the home of country and western music in the United States.

If you love music then check out Second Avenue in the part of town that is known as 'The District'. Here, you can find many live music venues or even the newly expanded Ryman Auditorium, country music's spiritual home. 

Arguably the most famous music legacy in Nashville is the Grand Ole Opry. A country music and variety show, Grand Ole Opry is known for discovering Dolly Parton and is still recorded live today!

On top of it's country music, Nashville has also produced rock bands such as Aerosmith, Kings of Leon and the Black Keys.

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