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October Cruises

Shorter days, a chill in the air and bare trees towering over piles of fallen red, brown and golden leaves can only mean one thing – autumn is closing in on us. And whether you’d prefer to witness the beautiful colours of autumn in the northern hemisphere or sail away to tropical sunshine destinations elsewhere, you can find the cruise holiday of your dreams in October.

So why choose to sail at this time of year? For starters, it’s a great time to avoid the busy summer crowds in the most popular destinations like the Med and Caribbean. But the benefits don’t end there. Holidaymakers can enjoy the cruise of their dreams that little bit more knowing that they can get the weather and atmosphere they want with huge savings attached. That’s right – the quieter season comes with some of the lowest price tags of the entire year!

Take advantage of the idyllic timing for an adults-only cruise and soak up the tranquillity onboard the world’s best luxury liners. Or, why not search for a fun mini-break over the Halloween half-term to keep the whole family entertained? Whether you choose an end-of-season sailing in the Mediterranean or a repositioning cruise sailing across waters less travelled between Europe and the Caribbean, join us onboard this October for a magical cruise holiday.

Hot Weather Cruises in October

With weather still looking lovely across many different places, there’s still the chance to enjoy some October sunshine and warm temperatures! Why not treat yourself and escape across the ocean to warm shores and balmy cities this October? Go on – you deserve it! So, whether you’re looking to explore the French Riviera, or you’d like to travel further afield to the Far East or Caribbean, October is a great time to do it.

Gaze at the beautiful blue hues of the water off the southern coast of France, waltz through the bustling piazzas in Italy, get a slice of serenity on quiet beaches in Barbados or satiate your appetite for culture and heritage in Thailand and Japan. It’s a tough choice when they all sound this good!

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October Cruises from Southampton

When you’ve got the travel bug, it can start to feel like you’re spending all your precious time in airport security and departure lounges. But with our incredible range of no-fly cruises sailing direct from Southampton, it’s easy to get your holiday started ASAP. Simply book a cruise from Southampton in October, make your way to the port, and embark your luxury liner. It couldn’t be simpler!

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Halloween Cruises

Are you ready to treat yourself to a spooktacular Halloween cruise this October? Our deals allow you to float away to devilish destinations.

Do you dare cruise through the infamous Bermuda Triangle where many ships have mysteriously vanished? Or are you blood-thirsty for a visit to Santorini, nicknamed by the locals the ‘island of vampires’ because of its strange burial ground where those suspected of vampirism were buried? Mexico’s ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ tradition also brings thousands of tourists in each October, all ready for colourful costumes and flamboyant floats to celebrate the dead.

With spooky festivities, horror flicks and onboard trick-or-treating, a cruise to any corner of the world is perfect for enjoying the Halloween fun. No tricks here – only treats. With Cruise Nation, you’ll only find scarily good deals on cruises around the world suitable for any budget. You won't boo-lieve the savings!

Colder Weather Cruises in October

October is also the perfect time of year if you’re hoping to discover some of the cooler destinations around the world. Look no further and embrace the colder weather on an incredible cruise to charming locations like Quebec, Norway, Alaska and Scandinavia. These destinations are the ideal place to witness some of the world’s natural beauty as temperatures begin to drop, with fresh crisp air and feelings of cosiness.

Wrap up warm with your hats and scarves, and sail away on a luxury liner ready to ignite your senses with the world’s most incredible sights and experiences. From spectacular ski slopes to sensational cuisine, sleepy towns to enormous glaciers, fantastic fjords to rich wildlife, with so much to see and do, it’s hard to be put off by a bit of chilly weather!

October Cruise FAQs

What is the best cruise to do in October?

You’re spoilt for choice in October! We’ve got a range of great deals on the most popular destinations, including the Canaries, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Northern Europe and beyond. So whether your ideal cruise holiday involves sailing around the Norwegian Fjords and exploring the unique towns on Norway’s coastline or island-hopping in the Canaries or Caribbean, we can help you find the best cruise for you in October.

The most popular itineraries at this time of year typically sail from Miami into the East Caribbean. With its perfect weather, fun atmosphere and great array of activities all on offer, it’s easy to see why people flock here. Cruises to the Med can be just as popular throughout October, with stunning destinations like Croatia and Greece enjoying warm temperatures despite the time of year.

Is October a good month for a cruise?

October is an excellent time to set sail on your perfect voyage. Whether you’re chasing the sun and warmth, culture and heritage, or unique and exciting experiences, a cruise at this time of year can offer it all. Sunny skies are on the cards in the Eastern Caribbean and across much of the Mediterranean, while snowy scenes blanket beauty spots in Canada, Norway and Scandinavia. So you can either sail into an early winter wonderland or dodge the cold weather in favour of sun, sun and more sun.

Where is warm in October to cruise?

If warm weather is high on your holiday priorities, you’re in luck in October. The weather in most places, including the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, will be hot and sunny throughout the month. Temperatures across the Eastern Caribbean average around 27 degrees at this time of year, and the later in the month your cruise embarks, the less chance there is that you’ll hit any storms. Meanwhile, popular cruise destinations for a Mediterranean cruise such as Italy and Croatia stay mild and warm at around 20 to 25 degrees.

Is it better to cruise in September or October?

The decision to cruise in either September or October usually boils down to the type of weather you want and how busy you’d prefer the ship to be. The cruise season in most parts of the world dies down when October hits – with the exception of year-round destinations like New Zealand and the Caribbean. This usually means that liners aren’t cruising at full capacity and the atmosphere on board can be far quieter. So if it’s a livelier cruise you’re after, we’d recommend booking for September. Although one of the major benefits of the quieter ships in October is that it’s much easier to snap up a great deal on popular itineraries, so this is something to keep in mind.

However, there really are very few differences, which means it’s possible to enjoy a fantastic cruise in both months regardless of where you’re sailing.

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