Cruises to Maui


Maui island is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands. The island is also called the "Valley Isle" because of it numerous large valleys and volcanoes that are spread across the island. This island contains beaches that look out over the Pacific Ocean for spectacular views of dolphins swimming and of the other islands. Maui is best known for its outdoor activities around the island. It is home to white sand beaches, clear blue waters and waterfalls that plunge into shimmering pools.


Hauula Stone

The Hauula Stone is an unusual chair-shaped stone that is sacred to the native Hawaiians. The unusual stone has a lot of history behind it and is very interesting. The Hawaiians believe that emitted healing powers are given to those who sit upon the stone. It sits just above the water's surface and is surrounded by three lava stones.

Haleakala National Park

Hakeakala National Park is a park that features the dormant Haleakala Volcano which last erupted in between 1480 and 1600AD. The park is divided into two sections, the summit are and the coastal area. The summit are is where the volcano and the famous Haleakala Crater can be found. The coastal area is only small but is a great place to swim and relax with families.

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