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There’s little doubt that Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Filled with awe-inspiring natural beauty, you’ll have the chance to visit monumental volcanoes, luscious tropical forests, and tranquil beaches over the course of your cruise.

But where in the world is this serene getaway? While it’s part of the US, it’s actually about 2,000 miles from the US west coast, sitting pretty out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It’s also an archipelago, which is a fancy way of saying it’s a chain of islands clustered together in the world’s waters. And there’s a whole lot of culture packed onto its eight islands.

With a rich and vibrant cultural history, the islands have been continually inhabited for over 1,500 years – ever since Polynesians settled there. And since then, Hawaii has seen a variety of settlers come and go, including the Tahitians, British, Japanese, Filipinas and Portuguese, making for a melting pot of cultures and identities that gives Hawaii true one-of-a-kind status. That sort of thing isn’t hard to do when you’re made up of eight dream-like islands.

Here’s a tempting taste of what you can discover on one of our low-cost Hawaiian cruises. Sun cream at the ready…

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What’s the weather like in Hawaii?

You’ve seen the postcards and watched the travel shows, so you already know the score: Hawaii weather year-round is pretty much all glistening sun and unbelievable heat. And that means there really isn’t a best time to visit Hawaii – which certainly makes your choice easier.

With that said, things can change from season to season, so it’s still worth doing your homework before you book. Cruise Nation’s best weathermen and women have been on the case, so check out our quick reference guide to Hawaii’s climate right here.



Offering the ultimate in sun, sea and sand adventures, we couldn’t be more proud to offer a range of cruise packages to this stunning part of the world. Ready to see these islands in all their glory? We’ve showcased the best of them below…

Looking for a slice of paradise for a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere? Say aloha to Hawaii, Cruise Nation style. Packed with some of our customers’ favourite offers, our cheap cruise deals to Hawaii let you see this exotic, dreamy expanse without breaking the bank.

With more sun, surf and sand than just about anywhere in the States, this sought-after chain of islands is exactly what bucket lists were built for – the type of one-of-a-kind getaway where you can bask on world-famous beaches, explore volcanic mountains and soak up that warm and welcoming local spirit.

From Honolulu to Hilo, our Hawaii holidays offer an adventure like no other. And with cruise and stay offers, great deals on Smart Packages, family cruises and low-cost, all-inclusive cruises to the region, Cruise Nation has a cruise to suit every budget.

Hawaii Highlights


Aptly named The Big Island (it’s one of the biggest in the US), the sheer size of Hawai’i makes it an awe-inspiring place to explore. A vast vista full of active volcanoes, green-sand beaches (yes really!) and adventurous spirit, this is where you’ll find the real Hawaii. So, while tourists are very much well catered to, expect a side of slow, easy-going pace to go with its sights too – just the way the locals like it. And we can’t forget about the Hamakua Chocolate Farm, the perfect place for a guided tour and tasting.


Hawaii’s beating heart, Oahu is where good vibes, warm welcomes and big smiles come to mingle. Affectionately known as the “Gathering Place”, it’s busy and bustling, a place for surfers, sunbathers – and you – to do what you’re all best at. Swing by the famous Waikiki beach in Honolulu and wait for sunset; the whole beachside area comes alive at night with an array of cocktail bars, restaurants and table-side hula shows. Prefer things on the quiet side? Head to its country heartland, a rugged and rustic collection of ranches and valleys that showcase the area’s nature in fine form. Royalists should take note too: here’s where you’ll find the Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in the entire US.


Considered by some as the last “true” Hawaiian island, and relatively untouched by tourism and development, Molokai is where those who like to leave the crowds behind go. Nicknamed the “Friendly Isle”, this part of paradise is home to some of the most welcoming Hawaiians you’ll ever meet, so expect “alohas” at every encounter. Believed to be the birthplace of hula, the island offers an authentic look at Hawaii before the masses left their mark, with the beautiful Pāpōhaku beach, incredible waterfalls and colourful coral reefs – built for snorkelling and kayaking – pretty much all to yourself.


It might be the smallest of Hawaii’s inhabited islands, but Lanai offers big-time rewards for those making the nine-mile trip from neighbouring Maui. With luxury resorts, private beaches and the Mānele golf course on one side, the island is most definitely a mini-paradise for those who like the finer things in life. And for the off-the-beaten-track troop, Lanai’s less-developed corners are home to lush forests, incredible snorkelling bays and Keahiakawelo, a sprawling landscape known as The Garden of The Gods that’s unlike anywhere else on the island. Wherever you’re going, we can’t promise you won’t fall in love.


Want endless fun with your Hawaiian adventure? You’ll find it in Maui. Known for gorgeous stretches of golden sand, the iconic Haleakalā sunrise and the now world-famous Road to Hana, Maui offers an entirely different experience to that of her bigger sister Oahu, with the same Hawaii standards of friendliness, traditions and charm. Surfers, mountain bikers, snorkelers and hikers of all stripes flock here, putting the Valley Isle’s diverse and wonderful natural landscapes to pulse-racing use. Meanwhile, road-tripping to Hana on Route 36’s infamously twisty, narrow 64.4-mile stretch has become something of a Maui must, but for less confident drivers, tours can be organised to navigate the road’s many bridges and one-track passing without a worry.


On Kauai, no town has over 10,000 people in it. Buildings are no bigger than coconut trees. And traversing the coast by car? Forget it. Kauai keeps Hawaii’s traditions alive and well, right down to its sustainably grown food. It’s also where you can indulge that adventurous side with ease too. Go kayaking in Wailua River. Snorkel on Poʻipū Beach. Zip line over the canopy of the island’s plentiful treetops. However you get your adrenaline going, you’ll find a way to do it here. And with the spiritual essence of the island never in short supply, there’s plenty to nourish your soul here too.

All Hawaii Ports

Here’s how the Hawaiian Islands look from up above. Nice right? Prefer seeing them up close and personal instead? Plot a course with Cruise Nation and we’ll get you to them whether your adventure starts in winter, spring or summer!

Hawaii Cruises FAQs

What is the weather like in Hawaii from late December to March?

Hawaii’s wet season is in full swing by this point, but it’s not a total washout. While the islands will get around three to four inches of rain each month, their showers are brief and usually come down overnight. So, while downpours are rare and unlikely to put a literal dampener on your day, there can still be sudden rainfall, so you might want to bring a brolly.

What is the weather like in Hawaii from April to Mid-June?

The dry season begins here, with temperatures sitting between 21-26°C during the day. Not only is wet weather to a minimum, but as one of the islands’ two shoulder seasons, things are more affordable around this time too. And if you’re keen on taking the plunge, then May’s clearer skies make for better visibility underwater – perfect for snorkelling sessions!

What is the weather like in Hawaii from Mid-June to August?

Unsurprisingly, Hawaii’s at its hottest, driest and busiest during these months. If you can take the heat, and you’re fine with families and honeymooners taking to the islands, then it could well be the perfect time to visit. With that said, Hawaii gets surprisingly low cruise activity around this time, with only Norwegian and Princess sailing from June to August – so you could well have the ship to yourself compared to other months.

What is the weather like in Hawaii from September to Early December?

Even into October, the dry season is still in action, with temperatures hovering in the mid-to-low twenties. Once you get into November, then the temperatures ease off and rain starts making more of an appearance. Still, cruise prices are cheap this time of year, so it could be a great time to snag yourself a deal in exchange for a bit of wet weather.

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