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One of the most important parts about going on a cruise is picking the perfect cabin as this will be your home away from home. Often referred to as staterooms, cabins are available in a variety of different grades and it’s important you make the right decision to ensure you have the most enjoyable and comfortable experience possible on your holiday.


Generally-speaking there are four types of cabins available onboard. Each has their own criteria and varies in what they offer. The four types include:

  • Inside - This is the smallest-sized room, which doesn’t contain a window.
  • Outside - This is also known as an oceanview room and contains a window or porthole with a view to the outside.
  • Balcony - This is a room that features a balcony, allowing you to step outside without having to venture to the top deck.
  • Suite - This is a larger cabin, often containing a separate living and sleeping area and a wide variety of extra services and perks. More often than not, suites will also feature a balcony or veranda.


When it comes to cruise ship accommodation, it’s important to note that all types of cabin come with basic amenities, including a steward to clean your room. However, as previously mentioned, certain cabins come with added perks such as direct access to the concierge and butler service, for that added touch of luxury.

If you want to make your cruise holiday experience as special as possible, it’s worth looking closely at different cabin grades. The higher grades of stateroom sometimes feature whirlpool baths, walk-in wardrobes and extra little touches, for example P&O put an atlas and binoculars in their suites for guests as well as Senseo coffee machines.

Higher cabin grades also offer VIP services like priority check-in and check-out, reserved seating in the theatres, complimentary laundry and luggage valet as well as priority tender services for when shuttle boats are required at ports of call.

What you choose really depends on you and your needs, if you’re not planning to spend much time in the cabin then you’ll find an Inside stateroom will suit your needs perfectly, whilst if you like to have more of your own space you might appreciate a Balcony cabin where you can bask in your own little spot of sunshine.

If you’re still undecided, here are some of the extra services and facilities you can expect with a higher cabin grade:

Direct Concierge Service

A concierge is someone that takes care of your practical matters when on your cruise. They will be involved in making dinner and spa reservations, booking excursions and any other requests on the front desk. Some ships have a separate desk for concierge services in an exclusive lounge where passengers can relax in private and enjoy welcome drinks and nibbles.

Butler Service

The services of a Butler onboard can help to make your cruise a wonderfully pampered experience and if you choose a suite stateroom, Butler service is often included as part of your package. However, be sure to research this in detail because butler services can vary from ship to ship. Some butlers really go the extra mile and bring you room service, refill your mini bar and even serve you meals in your cabin, course-by-course. They’ll even unpack and repack your bags, draw rose petal baths, arrange in-suite cocktails and dinner parties and fast-track your laundry in the onboard facilities.

Spa Suites

Spa suites originated from Costa cruise line and quickly became a popular choice of accommodation for those seeking ultimate relaxation on their cruise. Guests staying in Spa Suites will have complimentary access to spa facilities, discounts on Spa treatments, speciality bath products, fluffy bathrobes, yoga mats and extra room service options which often include a variety of sophisticated healthy dining choices. This option is definitely worth considering if you’re planning to make the most of the spa during your time onboard.

How much do cabin categories differ in price?

Cruise ship cabins and suites do differ widely in price depending on the cruise line. However, in most cases there is around £200 difference between categories. As an example an Inside cabin could be £449, a Balcony could be £679 and a Family Suite could be £879.

One of our top tips for cruise ship accommodation is to keep an eye out for special offers and upgrades. Some cruise lines often have these promotions available and it’s always worth looking into if you have your heart set on a balcony cabin but it’s not within your usual budget.

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