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When there’s a large group of people in your travel party, making a decision about the holiday type and destination can be a difficult task. Yet with a cruise and stay package, you get to visit multiple destinations and cruise on a magnificent ship whilst also enjoying a splendid stay on land too.

In short, a cruise and stay package can provide the ideal holiday for everyone.

Here at Cruise Nation we provide some of the best cruise and stay package deals you’ll find online. So whether your heart’s set on a cruise, or perhaps you’d prefer to stay on land, a cruise and stay holiday can help you to get the best of both worlds.

In this guide we’ll cover:

  • What is a cruise and stay holiday?
  • What are the benefits of choosing this holiday type?
  • What are some of the most popular cruise and stay packages we have?
  • Where can I find excellent cruise and stay deals?


So the next time you can’t decide whether to cruise or stay during your next holiday, why not consider doing both?

What is a cruise and stay holiday?

The name of this holiday package is quite self explanatory. A cruise and stay holiday allows you to go on a cruise for a certain duration during your break, and also incorporates stays on land at certain ports too.

This means if you want to cruise to the Caribbean, but would like to stay in Florida first, then you can.

It’s this flexibility that makes cruise and stay packages so popular with our customers.

What are the benefits of cruise and stay holidays?

As mentioned earlier, cruise and stay holidays are popular because they allow everyone to get the holiday they want.

If some of your party want to cruise and some want to stay, there no longer needs to be a battle between the two. A stay and cruise package is the solution for all.

On top of this, a cruise and stay break will mean you get to visit a selection of destinations, as opposed to just one. They say travel broadens the mind, so the more destinations you get to visit, the better.

There’s also a flexibility surrounding where and when you stay on land during your cruise break. Some liners allow you to stay for a few days before the boat departs in destinations such as Venice, whereas some save the stays for the end of the experience. There are even specific cruises available that will allow you to incorporate stays at both the beginning and end of your cruise - so make sure you’ve explored all the options available before picking your cruise and stay package.

What are some of the most popular cruise and stay packages we have?

Whether you’re heading east or west, we have new cruise and stay packages available on a weekly basis.

And the best thing about a cruise and stay deal is that you have the chance to stay in places you’ve always wanted to visit - as well as visiting other ports and countries too.

Below, take a look at the popular locations where our customers enjoy stays during their voyages.


It’s the dream of many romantics to get lost in the beautiful city of Venice, and by incorporating a stay here during your cruise, you can ensure you get time to really experience the true heart of this Italian gem.

Enjoy a ride on a Gondola and indulge in some of the traditional Italian food on offer in this wondrous haven. Venice has an air of magic that most other cities fail to capture - so make sure you soak it up if you opt for a cruise and stay package with a Venice stay at its core.


Famous for being one of the world’s favourite beach cities, Barcelona is one of Spain’s most popular places to take a break.

It’s the mixture of fine cuisine, city break extravagance and gorgeous beaches that make it such a popular option - along with the pleasantly warm weather too.

Be sure to visit some of the local sites including the Basilica of the Sagrada Family and the Gothic Quarter - which is the perfect place to take a walk and see what delights await you around every corner.


Miami, Florida is synonymous with fun; parties, sunshine and beaches - which probably explains why it’s another customer favourite to spend a little bit of extra time in.

Ensure you make the most of the local cuisine and indulge in the incredible selection of fresh fish on offer, and take some time to visit local attractions such as the Everglades. You’ll get the chance to ride of an exciting airboat through the Florida swamps and even meet some alligators too.

You can also relax on the beautiful beaches, tour the local bars or perhaps visit the world famous Miami Zoo.

Where can I find excellent cruise and stay deals?

If you think a cruise and stay holiday might be for you, then the next step is finding an excellent deal.

Here at Cruise Nation, we provide a range of excellent cruise and stay offers so that you can get the most out of your holiday. All you need to do is visit our cruise and stay page here, and have a scroll through our extensive range of packages.

Once you find a break that excites your senses, fill out the contact form and one of our cruise experts will be in touch shortly.

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