Luxury Cruises


There’s a certain element of luxury to every cruise that sets sail on the seven oceans, but there are also those that go that little bit further than the rest ­ the ones that take luxury cruising to a whole new level.

If you have a special occasion coming up that you’d like to celebrate or perhaps you want to surprise a loved one with an exciting, luxurious trip ­ this guide has been created to help you pick the perfect cruising break for you.

We’re going to discuss

  • Luxury cruise ships
  • Luxury destinations
  • Luxury excursions


With this information to hand, you’re sure to have the most luxurious cruise possible, so see what you can find out below!


As we mentioned earlier, every single cruise liner offers a certain element of luxury for any holiday marker, but in this section we’re going to focus in on a certain few.

So if you’d like a bit more advice on luxury cruiseliner options, take a look below.


Cunard have been in the business for 175 years, and not only this but in November 2015 they are going to complete their 250th Transatlantic cruise. You can probably grasp from this just how experienced they are when it comes to luxury cruises.

This cruise liner has three main ships and these are the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mary 2 and also the Queen Victoria. These ships travel to a wide array of ports and they were all built in the 2000s, with the earliest dating back to 2004 and the most recent being 2010.

Due to this, you can expect an incredibly luxurious and immaculate edge when it comes to cruising with Cunard. So if you really want a special experience, this cruise provider is one you simply must consider.


Another liner great for luxury is Oceania Cruises. Home to a fleet of 6 amazing ships, the cruise line was founded in 2002 by two cruising enthusiasts who know exactly what it takes to make an amazing holiday.

These experienced cruise lovers are, of course, Joe Watters and Frank Del Rio. Del Rio was once the vice president of Renaissance Cruises before founding Oceania with Watters.

Their combined experience and adoration of exploring the sea vastly shines through on their ships. With Oceania, you can expect the likes of stunning cruise cabins and they describe their ship, specifically the Regatta, as ‘elegance without pretence.’

If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you, then you simply must explore the options Oceania cruises can provide.


When choosing a cruise, you need to know that the destination choices you’re going for are exactly what you want from your break.

There’s no point in going for a cruise in Europe in autumn if you’re after the summer sun you’ll find in Mexico in August. So with this in mind, we’re going to cover an array of different types of destinations, all of which are brimming with luxury.


There are few cities in the world more glamorous than New York, which is why we’ve chosen this as the luxury city destination to discuss in this piece. A cruise and stay package, or perhaps just a day visit to this city can really breathe a new vibrancy into your holiday that you may simply not be able to capture at other ports.


If it’s sun soaked ports filled with amazing beaches and luxurious relaxation, then Hawaii may be one of the vital destinations that you simply must visit on your cruising break. It really does live up to the photographs, and we’re sure anyone will be excited to take the time to relax in this amazing destination.

Don’t forget your swimsuit, and consider a cruise and stay if you’d like to spend a little more time in this luxurious heaven on your travels.


If you're after a little history on your cruise and endless bouts of culture, then Venice could be the perfect luxurious destination for you. Taking a loved one on a tranquil gondola cruise, or perhaps catching a tasty, bespoke meal in the city centre, will leave you dreaming of this Italian escape for years to come.


One of the best parts of going on a cruise is stopping off at the ports and venturing on an excursion.

Excursions can range from everything including helicopter flights through to snorkelling adventures and there really are some stunning, luxurious excursions you should consider if you’re seeking the best of the very best cruising experience.


If you’re cruising to Barbados, there are countless excursions that make the most of this stunning setting, but how do you fancy snorkeling with turtles?

An animal favourite with alot of travellers, snorkeling with turtles brings an element of adventurous luxury to any trip, and the stunning blue waters only add to the overall charming atmosphere of this fantastic experience.


If your ship is calling into the Falmouth port in Jamaica, why not consider going on a horse riding experience with a difference? Here, the horses also venture into the water and swim with you on their back too! Imagine that!

This really is a whole new, horse riding luxury experience. Don’t miss out.


When it comes to luxury, viewing another country’s culture really does add a new element to your holidaying experience.

Why not get a slice of the luxurious culture found in Italy and explore the sights of Rome. We're sure this excursion will help to create lasting memories that will last a life time.

There are, of course, many more luxurious cruise liners, destinations and excursions, but these are some of the most popular.

If you’d like to find out more about the best cruising luxury breaks, then give us a call on 0800 073 6489. Our helpful staff will be more than happy to assist you with finding the best luxurious cruising experience for you.

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