Repositioning Cruises


Simply put, a repositioning cruise leaves one port and returns to another! This means that you get the opportunity to see the waters less traveled as standard cruises normally return to the port they departed and with our unbeatable Cruise & Stay packages you can really explore these destinations before and after your cruise, meaning you get the most out of your holiday!


Repositioning cruises can be found at the beginning and end of the season, the ships are effectively chasing the sun and so when the weather changes as does the route for most ships. This is a necessity so instead of ships travelling with empty cabins they decided to open up the route as a repositional. Due to them not being your typical itinerary they are normally sold at a discounted price which means a lot of nights for your money! A typical repositioning is a ship leaving the Mediterranean to the sunny Caribbean, which means a short outbound flight and a lovely sunny ending to your holiday.


These cruises do require you to have your sea legs however, as they are travelling vast amounts of water in a short amount of time so do spend quite a few consecutive nights at sea. But you know what that means, you've got the perfect opportunity to explore and enjoy all of the amenities the ship has to offer. Sometimes that means being the first people on a brand new ship which is relocating from Europe to the sunny climbs of Florida or the West Coast. There is so much to see on ships that normally you wouldn't have time to fully appreciate the greatness of this floating resort, but now you can have a spa day, or a day spending your money in their numerous eateries and shops or may you just need a day sunbathing next to the pool. A repositioning cruise is the epitome of relaxation.

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