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February Cruises

February is a month of endless possibilities. Whether you're looking to escape the cold and enjoy the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches of the Caribbean, explore new cultures in the Far East or Australia, or witness the awe-inspiring northern lights, the world is yours to discover. Cruising in February is the perfect opportunity to discover somewhere different, with plenty of destinations offering just the weather you’re looking for.

The month of love is the perfect time for creating unforgettable memories with your loved one on a romantic Valentine's Day couples cruise. You could even take destiny into your own hands on a leap year cruise filled with excitement and wonder. And with Cruise Nation, you'll find incredible deals all throughout the month from the biggest and best cruise liners. So why wait? Let the adventure begin.

Warm Weather Cruises in February

Despite the UK being engulfed by wintry weather and below-freezing temperatures in February, it’s still possible to set sail for sunny destinations where you can fling open the doors and let the warmth in. If you’re looking to escape the cool weather in favour of something a little hotter, there’s plenty of places to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the clear waters and sandy beaches of the Caribbean, or you’re hoping to dive into the many diverse cultures found across Asia, cruising in February has never looked so good!

Say goodbye to the cold, dark mornings at home and do something a little different with a February cruise. Why not wake up to a luxurious stateroom with stunning ocean views as you pull into a port that promises an adventure of a lifetime? Celebrate the Chinese New Year, immerse yourself in Maori culture or be inspired by the markets and temples of Thailand.

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February Cruises from Southampton

Just can’t wait to set sail on your unforgettable winter cruise?

At Cruise Nation, we have an incredible selection of affordable and luxury cruise packages departing from Southampton throughout February. Set sail from Southampton and start your adventure from the moment you step on board, no matter your end destination.

Colder Weather Cruises in February

Of course, not all holiday destinations need the sun to be experienced to their full potential. Why not embark on a cruise that helps you to discover snow-covered mountains and breath-taking fjords, as well as stunning architecture and fascinating history? Wrap up warm, brave the cold and take in some of the most incredible sights across destinations like Iceland, Norway and parts of Europe you might not have considered before.

Whether you’re wandering around quaint, cobbled towns of Northern Europe or even trying your skills on the slopes, a February cruise can help you to really embrace the cooler temperatures. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of the world’s best destinations to make the most of the cold weather.

February Cruise FAQs

Is February a good time to cruise the Caribbean?

With its balmy temperatures and calm seas, February is the perfect time of year to cruise the Caribbean. In fact, it’s one of the most popular months to visit. With its warm waters, white-sand beaches stretching over many miles, super tasty authentic food and incredible music around every corner, it’s easy to see why it’s the number-one choice for so many holidaymakers in February.

Where is best to cruise in February?

February offers endless cruise options that cater to the different preferences of holidaymakers. Whether you're dreaming of tranquil sailing to sun-kissed beaches in the Caribbean, a journey to breath-taking mountain regions in the Norwegian Fjords or the chance to stroll around culturally rich cities like Amsterdam, Bangkok or Auckland, there's something for everyone. The world is your oyster in February, and the choice is all yours.

What is the weather like on a Mediterranean cruise in February?

There’s no denying that temperatures in the Mediterranean can drop a few degrees in February. But it’s not uncommon to get more sunny days than rainy ones.

Of course, you should still prepare for the occasional storm, and some rougher seas, but nothing too dramatic.

Is it better to cruise in January or February?

The main benefit of cruising in February is that the prices are usually at their lowest and you’ll experience far fewer crowds. And who doesn’t love a bargain, not to mention having a few cities or beaches to themselves?  

Cruising in February is pretty similar to January, although the main perks will depend on where you’re sailing to. A February cruise around the wonderful Mediterranean cities will leave you strolling around peaceful and quiet streets. The driest season in the Caribbean usually falls in February, so you’ll be less likely to get caught in any rain showers on your cruise.

When it comes to life on board the ship, it’s a similar story in both months. This is one of the few times when you can relish in the quiet, with plenty of rest and relaxation due to fewer people on board. In other words, it’s the ideal setting for a couple’s romantic getaway or a great way to spend the February school holidays.

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