January Cruises

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January Cruises

Feeling the January blues? Fear not, we have fantastic January cruise deals to help lift your spirits and avoid the post-festive slump. Start off the new year on the right foot by making wonderful memories somewhere sunny or choose a location that inspires you. After all, nobody expects you to jump back into normal life right after the holiday season!

Whether you want to chase the sun, jump into an adventure, or get ahead of the game on your New Year's resolutions with an invigorating fitness cruise, we’ve got you covered with a great range of January cruises. If you’re looking for an exciting way to bring in a fresh year, Cruise Nation’s wide range of great value January cruise deals offers passengers the chance to celebrate new beginnings in some of the world’s most incredible destinations. So what are you waiting for?

Hot Weather Cruises in January

Are you looking for a break from the cold winter weather? A January cruise might be just what you need.

Embrace the joy of being in a warmer climate and bring your summer wardrobe out of storage ready for a sizzling hot start to the year. Who wouldn't prefer to go into the New Year in the sunshine, anyway?

With plenty of sunny itineraries to choose from in the likes of the Caribbean and Mexico, you can swap the chilly temperatures for sun-soaked beaches and clear blue skies. January cruises are perfect for those seeking warm-weather getaways docking in some of the best destinations in the world. So let us inspire your next hot weather January cruise and prepare to experience the trip of a lifetime…

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January Cruises from Southampton

Are you dreaming of the perfect cruise holiday this winter? We have a variety of cruise deals available with popular cruise lines like MSC and NCL departing from Southampton throughout January. It doesn't matter which direction you're heading in, you won't have to travel far to start your cruise adventure!

Colder Weather Cruises in January

For those searching for a colder weather cruise in January, there are plenty of great value cruise deals available. After all, there’s nothing wrong with embracing the chill and taking the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most captivating destinations while breathing in the crisp, cool air. Experience the northern lights in the Norwegian Fjords, immerse yourself in Scandinavia’s rich history or stop off in the best North American port cities. The choice is entirely yours!

Experience something so much more on a January cruise, whether you’re looking to visit a favourite destination and see it from a cooler perspective or uncover somewhere completely new. Choose from some of the chillier destinations below and get the ball rolling on the cruise of a lifetime…

January Cruise FAQs

Is January a good time to go on a cruise?

January is as good a time as any to set sail on a cruise holiday. Whether you’re dreaming of sunny beaches or picturesque cityscapes, lounging around or long hikes, a cruise can take you to exactly where you want to be for the first month of the year. If good deals and fewer crowds are what you’re looking for, this could be the best month for you to plan your trip!

Do a lot of people cruise in January?

January is surprisingly a popular time for travellers to embark on cruises in all different parts of the world, mainly because it offers lower prices and fewer crowds. Despite the possibility of colder temperatures and rougher seas, you can still create unforgettable memories in bucket-list-worthy destinations. So don’t let the time of year put you off booking your next adventure!

Can you cruise Europe in January?

Lots of cruise lines have great deals in January allowing you to set sail all across Europe. Whether you’re looking for a winter break in the clear waters of the Mediterranean or one of the chillier destinations along the North Sea, you can absolutely enjoy ringing in the new year on an exciting European cruise.

Is the Caribbean Sea calm in January?

Occasional storms and breezy conditions can make for some rougher sea conditions in January, but most of the time, the Atlantic and Caribbean seas are on the calmer side. This means you can enjoy smooth sailing as you hop around many of the wonderful islands you plan to visit during your cruise.

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