Choosing a Route

Do you love the idea of spends a month at sea, enjoying the sunshine and embarking on a luxurious world cruise?

Or would you prefer something more low key, perhaps a mini-break with one of our cruises from Southampton?

Either way, we know it’s no easy decision to pick the perfect cruise route. There are quite literally thousands to choose from - some of which scourer parts of the globe you might not have even thought about before. And that’s without taking into consideration the number of cruise liners to choose from, too.

That’s why we’ve created this page to help you pick the perfect cruise route - regardless of your budget or duration of the holiday.

This page will cover:


  • Mini cruises and long-haul cruises
  • Popular destinations
  • Cruises from UK


So, if you were uncertain about which cruise route is ideal for you, then look no further.

But before we get stuck in, let’s talk about how long your holiday is going to be.

Mini cruises and long-hauls

Mini cruises

If you only have a few days to spare, then there’s a good chance you won’t want to venture further than Northern Europe - or even the UK. In these circumstances, there are hundreds of fantastic options to choose from.

Some of the most popular cruise routes involve travelling around areas such as Scandinavia - particularly the Fjords in Norway. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience all the luxury of being on a cruise, without spending weeks at sea. Furthermore, all the main cruise liners offer excellent mini cruise deals - meaning that you’ll enjoy the same onboard entertainment and fine dining opportunities as a trip to the Caribbean or Far East.

P&O Cruises, for example, offer 2-night short breaks to cities like Bruges and Saint Peter Port in Guernsey. Royal Caribbean will also frequently have 2-night trips to Paris and Zeebrugge (Belgium).

Overall, these mini cruises enjoy the best of both worlds - offering the comfort of luxurious cruising at an affordable price.

Long-haul cruises

For those of you with more time to spare, however, then you’ll love a long-haul cruise around the world.

These cruise trips can last anywhere between 1 and 4 months, travelling to some of the most remote and beautiful corners of the globe. This includes:

  • Far East - with stop offs in cities like Safaga, Dubai, Phuket, Singapore, Mumbai, and Sharm El Sheikh
  • South America & Pacific - with stop offs such as Rio De Janeiro, Bora Bora, Easter Island, Hong Kong, Osaka, and San Diego
  • Europe & Australia - with stop offs such as Rome, Venice, Rhodes, Dubai, Mangalore, Hong Kong, Darwin, Sydney, Auckland, and Los Angeles


Alternatively, it is also possible to embark on a ‘grand world voyage’ to several continents across the globe. This can involve travelling with Southampton to Rome, to Singapore, and even Australia - making it a truly once in a lifetime cruise. This is the ultimate journey for people celebrating an anniversary, or simply wanting to enjoy a special occasion in the laps of luxury.

Furthermore, cruisers have the option of departing for their trip either leaving from the UK or on another port abroad. This will depend entirely on whether you would prefer a fly or no fly cruise - both of which offer maximum independence and flexibility.

Popular cruise routes

So whether you choose to travel for 2 days, or 2 months, there are a number of different route options that cruisers can enjoy.

But what if you prefer going on holiday for one week or two?

Destinations such as the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Far East, and United States are all exceptionally popular. And the best part is that all these cruise routes are suitable for young families, couples, and solo travellers alike.

Here is a guide to the most popular cruise routes today.


With a seemingly endless supply of golden beaches, cerulean waters, and fascinating local culture, the Caribbean is a fantastic cruise destination.

Subject to individual routes, travellers can expect to visit destinations such as Belize, US Virgin Isles, and even Miami.

This is the perfect cruise route for people who love sun and are seeking some much-needed pampering.


There are few cruise routes that offer as much cultural heritage and romanticism as the Mediterranean.

With stop-offs in cities like Barcelona, Venice, and Athens, this is a magical route - ideal for couples and young families. The warm Mediterranean culture, combined with the temperate climate, means that children in particular love this part of the world.

Far East

The Far East is a stunning destination for cruisers, filled with endless diversity and some of the most captivating landscape to be found anywhere in the world.

Expect to marvel at the tropical paradise that is Phuket, Thailand - and the technological wonders of cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

United States

When people imagine cruises to the United States, their mind conjures up images of Orlando, Florida. Even though this an extremely popular destination, this wonderful country has so much more to offer.

Cruises to the United States can include stop offs in cities like New York, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Cruises from Southampton

For those of you who would prefer a no-fuss voyage, then you’ll probably love embarking on a no-fly cruise.

This means that you can depart for your cruise straight from the UK - usually from Southampton. This is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of travelling abroad, but without waiting in any additional queues and travelling to the airport.

Furthermore, many no-fly cruises from Southampton involve mini voyages to destinations in Northern Europe - like Hamburg and Zeebrugge.

It comes as little surprise, then, that cruises from Southampton are becoming increasingly popular in Britain.

Choose a Cruise Route

With a seemingly endless selection of choices, picking the perfect cheap cruise deal can sometimes be a daunting task.

At Cruise Nation, we specialise in helping our clients to find the ideal cruise route just for them - whether this means travelling for a few nights, or a few months.

If you would like to learn more about our excellent selection of cruise package deals, please contact one of our friendly cruise specialists today.

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