Types of Cruise Holiday


  • No Fly - With a no-fly cruise you’re getting exactly what it says on the tin so to speak. Often these cruises will depart from the UK, with ports such as Southampton, Tilbury and Dover being three of the most popular. Often you’ll find that no-fly cruises which are available are often shorter, being around 2-5 nights. Itineraries for no-fly cruises often feature the Norwegian Fjords, France, Germany and Spain.
  • Mini Cruise - Mini cruises often go hand in hand with no-fly cruises, but not always. Frequently you’ll find no-fly cruises departing from UK ports for cruises lasting around 1-5 nights. However you can also book mini cruises in destinations as far away as Miami for a 5 night Caribbean cruise.
  • River Cruise - River cruises will take you to some of the most beautiful destinations around the world with destinations including Africa, France, Belgium and Switzerland. Often the ships are smaller and more intimate, you’ll also often find that river cruise lines have retained much of the traditional cruise culture of more formal attire for evening meals. River cruises are often built as more of a package, including guided tours, whilst some cruisers may prefer this, others might want more freedom to customise their travel experience.
  • All Inclusive - Drinks are often not included on cruise holidays, whilst food is. When a cruise is described as all-inclusive, this means your drinks are included. These cruise offers represent great value for money as cruise drinks packages are around $25 per person per day, which still works out better value than having the cruise line add drinks to your bill as you go. Our top tip – if you see an all inclusive offer – go for it!
  • Long-Haul - When we say long-haul this relates to the distance you’ll have to fly at the beginning or end of your cruise to return home. A long haul cruise can last from four days to four months (or even longer!). There are no restrictions. However if you are planning to go long-haul then we’d recommend taking a little extra time, there’s nothing worse than spending a day or two of your 5 day holiday trying to recover from jet lag. Popular long-haul destinations include Hawaii, Alaska, the Caribbean and the Far East.
  • Smart Package - Smart Packages are created by us here at Cruise Nation. We customise cruises by adding flights and free pre or post cruise stays so that you get to spend more time exploring and relaxing. The main aim of our Smart Packages is to provide unbeatable value and to make planning your cruise holiday as easy as possible. Let us handle all the work, whilst you just enjoy the excitement of looking forward to your holiday!
  • World Cruise - How amazing would be it to cruise around the world to exotic and enchanting destinations? Well it’s a possibility and it costs a lot less than you might think. Typically world cruises can sail from anywhere between 22 days to 95 days with destinations including New York, Singapore, Dubai, Sydney, Sri Lanka and Grand Canaria to name just a few. Each world cruise is slightly different to the next in terms of ports of call. It’s a common misconception that world cruises are expensive; however on Cruise Nation we have cruises available to suit all budgets with 16 night world cruises available from around £1500pp.
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