Cruises to Tunis


Tunis is the most northerly country on the African continent, visit the Old City's Medina, a warren of narrow, twisting lanes lined with souks. La Goulette is the port of Tunis, and your gateway to the ruins of Carthage.



Founded in the 9th century Carthage is on the outskirts of Tunis, and home to Roman ruins, the St. Louis Cathedral, and the North African American Cemetery and Memorial.

Bardo Museum

This museum was originally a 13th century palace is renowned for its extensive collection of Roman mosaics and Carthaginian antiquities.

North-African American Cemetery and Memorial

This charming seaside resort town boasts miles of sandy beaches that wrap around the bay of Cotes de Carthage, and offers plenty of water sport activities.


Gammarth is located north of Tunis, this upmarket seaside resort is known for its expensive hotels and shops. Visit the ancient burial chambers which date back to the Roman times.


The Medina makes for a fascinating stroll with a maze of colourful shops that are called souks that are overflowing with souvenirs, stall owners, people buying and the smells of essential oils, spices and food cooking.

Sidi Bou Said

Follow the cobblestone streets to this unique village perched on a hill for breathtaking views of the Bay of Tunis, and marvel at the picturesque white houses with blue roofs and windows.

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