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Whether you want a holiday for just you and your partner, or for your whole family, you won’t find more to do or see than on a Carnival cruise. With some of the largest cruise ships in the world, we carry a bigger cargo of fun.

What's Included?

Want to know what’s included on a Carnival Cruise? The answer is pretty much everything! From delicious dining, fabulous bars and lounges and spacious accommodations to fun-filled entertainment and activities, a Carnival cruise offers you so much more for your money. There are even shows, a fitness centre, a casino and best of all, amazing ocean views.



New Offerings to Include Extravagant Aerialist Performances, High-Tech Multimedia Shows and Celebrations Galore

Highlights from the new Playlist Productions and Center Stage offerings include:

  • The Most Magnificent Circus  a story of celebrating self-discovery and acceptance will unfold to reimagined popular hits as a big-top circus comes to life. Taking talent to new heights – literally – wire-rigged performers will showcase their skills leaving the stage behind to soar above and beyond the audience, creating action in every direction.
  • Color My World - An Indie Rock and Pop Love Story – romance will be in the air as a popular artist and his assistant go on a journey of love through art and color. The artistic love story will blend fun dance styles such as street jazz, hip-hop, musical theater and ballet with the best songs from indie rock and pop genres. 
  • Visual Symphony (starting in December) – as the name suggests, this innovative show will use Celebration Central’s 16 massive moving LED screens, lasers and classical rock music to create a high-tech visual masterpiece. Pushing the boundaries of theatrical performances, the show will take full advantage of the cutting-edge technology and special effects in the zone’s three-deck-high space. 
  • Rio Carnival (starting in May) – coming soon, this vibrant and high-energy Brazlian extravaganza will have guests moving their hips in a parade and celebration of music and dance as the cast performs authentic samba, bossa nova, marchinha, batudada, forro, carimbo and capoeira to some of the most famous Latin pop songs of all time in both in Portuguese and English.

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The Watering Hole

Situated within The Patio at Summer Landing

The Watering Hole is modelled after a fun backyard gathering spot and is the perfect space for guests to unwind, grab a cocktail and enjoy sweeping sea views. The bar boasts a wide beer selection including Carnival's own canned and draft brews, as well as refreshing summer-inspired sips like the Watermelon Cooler and Tequila Sunset.

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