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Combatting Jet Lag

Learn our top tips for combating jet lag to make the most of your holiday.

Jet Leg, Flying, Flights, Sickness

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Combatting Sea Sickness

Read about our tips for helping to prevent and cope with the symptoms of sea sickness.

Sea Sickness, Traveling, Ilness, Combatting Sea Sickness

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Cruise and Fly

Learn more about cruise and fly holidays including popular destinations and how to find the best package offers.

cruise and fly, flights, cruising

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Cruise Holidays with Kids

Read frequently asked questions about planning and taking a cruise holiday with children.

kids, children, cruise holiday, teens, child

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Cruise Types

Find out more about different types of cruise holidays to help you decide which is right for you.

No Fly, Mini Cruise, River Cruise, All Inclusive, Long-Haul, Smart Packages, World Cruise

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Cruise Cabins

Find out more about the differences between cruise cabin grades and the types of facilities provided in each.

cabins, inside, outside, balcony, suite, rooms, stateroom, beds, ship

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Cruise Fitness

Stay fit on a cruise with our guide to the onboard facilities.

fitness, gym, health

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Cruising Climates

If you’re torn between basking in the sun or wrapping up a little warmer and exploring, this guide is on hand to help you make the most of your next cruise break.

climates, weather, hot, cold, destinations

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Cruising on a Budget

Explore the world for less with our money-saving tips for cruise holidays.

money, savings, cruising on a budget, cheap, deals

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Cruising with under Fives!

Discover how you can have the most enjoyable and memorable holiday by following these top tips.

Children, Kids, cruising, Families, children, babies, baby

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From e-tickets to online check in, here’s everything you need to about the documentation for your cruise holiday.

documentation, check in, e-tickets, visas, passport, insurance, boarding passes

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Dress Code

Find out see the dress codes for each of the major cruise lines.

dress code, clothing, packing, what to wear, attire

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Find out more about the world of onboard entertainment for adults and children.

spa, entertainment, casino, shopping, fun, activities

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Finding a Cheap Cruise Deal

No more hunting high and low in search of an affordable cruise holiday. Take a look at our tips for finding a great cruise deal and the best times to book.

deals, holiday, cruising, Smart Packages, destinations, cheap

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Food and Drink

We hope you’ve got a good appetite, because you’re in for a treat or two on a cruise holiday!

food, drink, dining, restaurant, diet

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Cruise Cabin Services

Find out more about the facilities and services available to you in your cruise ship cabin.

services, cabins, facilities

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Cruise Holiday Insurance

Find out everything you need to know about booking cruise holiday insurance.

Insurance, money, protection, holiday

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Cruise Ship Safety

Advice for staying safe on a cruise ship and the policies and practices in place to safeguard your onboard experience.

cruise ship safety, policies, practices

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Cruise Holiday Transfers

A helpful guide for getting transfers before and after cruise ship holidays.

holiday transfers, shuttle bus, coach, public transport

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Cruises For Teenagers

Find out about the best cruise holiday experiences for teenagers.

teens, activities, entertainment, fun

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Get a better idea of how to take care of yourself and others during this brilliant holiday experience.

Health, First aid, Medical, Fitness

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Luxury Cruises

Learn more about premium cruise lines, luxury holiday destinations and 5* cruise experiences

luxury, cruises, premium, 5 star, five star

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Onboard Currency

Your questions about cruise ship currency and onboard spend answered.

currency, money, spend

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Pre Cruise Checklist

Put your mind at ease with our pre-cruise checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

checklist, cruising, tickets, flights, visas, parking, baggage, passport

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Restricted Items

Find out what tems are restricted from cruise lines.

restricted, banned items, restricted

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Shore Excursions

Learn more about the types of shore excursions available and find out how to book them.

excursions, trips, fun, activities

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Water Slide Guide

Cruises are all about having fun, so what better way to start your adventure than to make a splash in one of the many waterslides and pools on offer?

water, slide, pool, fun, activities

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Shopping and Duty Free

Learn about duty free rules and regulations when shopping on a cruise ship.

water, slide, pool, fun, activities

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Bringing Alcohol On Board a Cruise Ship

Learn about the cruise line policies for bringing alcohol on board at embarkation and during your cruise whilst in port.

alcohol, beverage, drinks, wine, spirits, beer, larger

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When it comes to cruise holidays, one of the most frequently asked questions is what currency is used onboard. In the guide below you can find out which currency each cruise line operates with.

currency, money, shops, spend, credit card, debit card, payment

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Learn the lingo of cruising with this handy glossary of regularly used terms on cruise ships.

glossary, need to know, words, meanings

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Learn more about the etiquette for tipping on cruise ships.

tipping, money, staff, charges, gratuities, tips

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Theatres and Cinemas

Experience theatre performances and box office movies at sea!

theatre, shows, entertainment, fun, performance, box office

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Find out more about the wedding packages available on each cruise line.

weddings, marrige, love, bride, groom

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Discover the dos and don’ts for your first time on a cruise holiday.

etiquette, time, dress code, cultures, consideration

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A guide to staying connected during your cruise holiday.

internet, online, social media, contact, family, friends

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Medical & First Aid Facilities

Learn more about the medical care available on cruise ships and the procedures in place in the event of an emergency.

medical, health, facilities, safety, illness, emergency

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Cruise Line Drinks Packages

A price comparison between cruise ship drinks packages.

alcohol, drinks, beverages, drinks packages, soda, tea, coffee, wine, beer, cocktails

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Gratuities Comparison Chart

A price comparison between cruise line gratuities.

gratuities, tips, tipping, money, tipping, charges

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Banned Items

Find out what items are banned from cruise lines.

alcohol, drinks, beverages, drinks packages, soda, tea, coffee, wine, beer, cocktails

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Port Fees & Taxes

Find out what cruise taxes and port fees are, alongside how much it all costs.

port fees, cruise tax

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Understanding Cruise Deck Plans

Here we’ll go through the deck plan essentials to get you up to speed ahead of your first cruise.

deck plans, cruise ship layout

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Private Islands Owned by Cruise Lines

Discover the private delights included on itineraries from some cruise lines.

private islands, cruise itineraries

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Cruise Ports: Driving & Parking

Allow us to guide you through what to expect when parking at your cruise port and how to make the experience stress-free.

driving, cruise port, parking

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Cruise Muster Drill Procedure

Find out what you can expect from a muster drill, including what the procedure is, what it involves, and any etiquette you might want to know about ahead of time.

cruise muster drill, embarkation procedure

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Cruise Embarkation Day

For all first-time cruisers out there, we’ll guide you through what you can expect from embarkation day and how you can prepare for it.

cruise embarkation, embarkation procedures

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Being Pregnant on a Cruise

Here we offer a complete guide to cruising when pregnant.

pregnancy, being pregnant on a cruise

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First time cruising

Cruising for the first time? Here are our top tips for a smooth sailing.

first time cruising

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